Special Equipment Container Rental

Hire Special Equipment Containers in Liverpool

Standard containers might not always fit the bill when it comes to transporting unconventional cargo. That's where special equipment containers come into play. Here's why Liverpool businesses are turning to them:

  • Flexibility: Designed to accommodate cargo that doesn't fit into standard containers, ensuring your goods are transported safely and efficiently.
  • Increased Payload: Their unique design means they often have a higher payload capacity, maximising your shipment potential.
  • Expertise: At Shipping Containers of Liverpool, our team is well-versed in the nuances of special equipment containers, ensuring you get the best advice and service.
  • Cost-Effective: Avoid the hassle and additional costs of fitting unconventional cargo into standard containers.

Applications of Special Equipment Containers

These containers aren't just for oversized cargo. Their design offers a range of applications:

  • Heavy Machinery: Ideal for transporting large machinery or equipment that won't fit in standard containers.
  • Construction Materials: Easily transport beams, pillars, and other large construction materials.
  • Vehicles: Perfect for shipping vehicles or large parts that require an open-top for loading.
  • Unique Art Installations: These containers are a godsend for artists and galleries transporting large sculptures or installations.

Environmental and Safety Standards

We understand the importance of environmental responsibility and safety. All our special equipment containers adhere to international safety standards, ensuring your cargo is secure. Additionally, we're committed to minimising our environmental footprint, ensuring our containers are as eco-friendly as possible.

Get Started with Your Special Equipment Container Hire

Look no further if you're in Liverpool and need a reliable solution for your unique shipping needs. Shipping Containers of Liverpool is here to help. With our range of special equipment containers, we've got you covered.

Don't let the constraints of standard containers limit your business. Reach out to us today and discover the benefits of special equipment containers.

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Container Pricing

We strive to deliver the best container at the most reasonable price, with local depot delivery in Liverpool. We seek to have an open approach to container and delivery prices. 

These prices can fluctuate; affected by steel, petrol, and labour costs, all fees, including delivery, are subject to change. 

If your recent quote has expired or you need a new one, please get in touch by phone at 0330 0130 636 or by email at info@shippingcontainersofliverpool.co.uk 

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