Reefer Container Sales

Refrigerated Containers for Sale in Liverpool

Are you in need of a reliable cold storage solution in Liverpool?

Shipping Containers of Liverpool offers top-quality refrigerated containers with a state-of-the-art refrigeration system. These containers, also known as 'reefers', are perfect for maintaining a temperature-controlled environment for perishable goods.

Superior Features

Our refrigerated containers have a "butcher's door" opening, a flat floor, and internal lights. They are designed to be low-noise and energy-efficient, making them the ideal cold storage solution. The refrigeration unit ensures that the temperature inside the container remains below 5 degrees Celsius, keeping your goods fresh and safe.

Wide Range of Sizes

We offer a wide range of refrigerated containers in Liverpool, including 20 and 40-ft sizes, to cater to your needs. We have the correct size, whether you need to store a small amount of perishables or a large quantity.

Quality and Affordability

All our new and used refrigerated containers are manufactured in China and delivered to the UK. They are wind and watertight, ensuring the integrity of your goods during storage. Available for sale in Liverpool, UK, at affordable prices, our reefers are a cost-effective solution for your temperature-controlled storage needs.

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Need a refrigerated container in Liverpool? Look no further! At Shipping Containers of Liverpool, buying the ideal shipping container is straightforward. Contact us using our quote form, 0330 0130 636, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Refrigerated container for sale in Liverpool

Container Pricing

We strive to deliver the best container at the most reasonable price, with local depot delivery in Liverpool. We seek to have an open approach to container and delivery prices. 

These prices can fluctuate; affected by steel, petrol, and labour costs, all fees, including delivery, are subject to change. 

If your recent quote has expired or you need a new one, please get in touch by phone at 0330 0130 636 or by email at 

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